Antenatal - before birth

Natal - birth (Latin origin)

Postnatal - after birth

Postnatal depression - a form of clinical depression which can affect women, and less frequently men, after childbirth.

Perinatal - the medical term for ‘around pregnancy’.

Perinatal period - this has been defined as the period from conception to 24 months postpartum.

Indirect maternal death - a pregnancy-related death in a patient with a pre-existing or newly developed health problem.

Direct maternal death - a death that is the result of a complication of the pregnancy, delivery, or their management.

Perinatal illness - the term referring to a wide range of mood disorders that can affect a woman during pregnancy and after the birth of her child. It includes, among others, antenatal (before birth) depression, postnatal/postpartum (after birth) depression and postpartum psychosis.

Puerperal/postpartum psychosis - a mental illness that is marked by a sudden onset of psychotic symptoms following childbirth.

Baby Blues - a period of mild depression after the birth of a baby. This may last for a few hours or, at most, for a few days before disappearing.

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